UK CANON LEGRIA HF S21 FULL HD 1080P 64GB DUAL FLASH CAMCORDER HFS21 EX-DISPLAY – CANON LEGRIA HFS21 FULL HD 1080P 64GB HDD CAMCORDER GENUINE UK ITEM – NOT THE IMPORTED VIXIA MODEL – FULL CANON UK WARRANTY RRP – £1,199.99 EX-DISPLAY – IN GOOD OVERALL CONDITION (HAS THE SOME LIGHT COSMETIC MARKS ON THE SIDE – NOTHING TO AFFECT PERFORMANCE) – SUPPLIED IN PLAIN BOX WITH BATTERY, CHARGER & INSTRUCTIONS (NOT IN ORIGINAL BOX & NO OTHER PARTS INCLUDED) Description: The Canon LEGRIA HF S21 offers professional-level control, versatile 64GB Dual Flash Memory & Full HD shooting capabilities. It’s a very impressive camcorder & a tremendous choice for enthusiasts. The HF S21 can produce simply stunning Full HD video as it boasts a new 8MP Canon HD Camera System. This combines an 8.0MP Full HD CMOS sensor, a Canon HD Video Lens, & the DIGIC DV III processor. Internal Flash & Dual SDHC – Capacity & flexibility like no other The versatile HF S21 features 64GB Internal Flash memory with space for over 24 hours of your HD video. There are moreover dual SDHC Card slots, providing the option to store even more video & stills. With 3 storage options available to you, the camcorder offers incredible flexibility. It even detects when 1 storage medium is full & then switches to the other! You can moreover convert your recorded AVCHD (MPEG4) video files to smaller, standard definition MPEG2 files – Perfect if you want to transfer it to DVD or upload it onto the web. Another fantastic feature is the high-resolution 3.5” touch-screen LCD display with 100% view. You can use the display & the gesture-based interface to control almost all the camcorder functions with just your fingertips. For example you can touch the part of your scene you want to be in focus or touch the subject you want the camcorder to track & to keep correctly exposed. Steadier shots Canon has equipped the HF S21 with an Optical Image Stabiliser that automatically detects & corrects camera shake. The O.I.S features a new Dynamic mode that allows you to capture steadier footage even if you’re moving, while Powered IS keeps footage ultra-steady when shooting at the telephoto end of the zoom range. The LEGRIA HF S21 boasts the latest DIGIC DV III Image Processor to provide superb low-light performance & assist ensure that video has superb clarity, colour & little noise. The processor supports x.v.Colour giving your video deeper, richer hues when it is played back on compatible HDTVs. The S11 moreover offers a 25p Cinema Mode to donate your video the look of historic film. This mode enhances low-light shooting performance further as well! You have control This is a camcorder with professional-level control & features for HD enthusiasts. There is Custom Key that can be used to assign 1 of 5 controls to the Control Dial. This provides a quick & straightforward way to manually adjust focus, exposure, & audio level for example. The camcorder moreover features a LANC connection, allowing you to use the camcorder with external remote controls You can monitor & capture high-quality audio as the S21 features a mic input & headphone jack. There is moreover a configurable Mic Attenuator that compensates for sudden volume fluctuations & ensures that audio is consistent & always at the optimum level. The handy Pre REC mode means that you might not miss that significant moment after all. It continuously records & stores 3 seconds of footage, so when you press record, you’ll still have the previous 3 seconds captured as well! The HF S21 offers many benefits, from a versatile, high-capacity storage medium to stunning Full HD shooting capabilities. Manufacturer’s Description The very best in HD quality Ideal for experienced camcorder users & those who want advanced shooting features such as Manual Control, Colour Peaking & Zebra Assist, the LEGRIA HF S21 includes a full High Definition (HD) 8.0 MP CMOS sensor, powerful processing with Face Detection technologies, high speed focusing, 10x Canon optical zoom lens with dynamic range Optical Image Stabilisation, & huge dual flash memory. Combined with a range of pleasant & creative options, such as Video Snapshot & 25p Cinema Mode the LEGRIA HF S21 lets you easily capture the stories of life in original, pleasant & thrilling ways with the ultimate in vivid image quality. The custom dial & key donate you fast, direct access to professional level controls Click here for a larger image Astonishing High Definition The combination of a full HD 8.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor & silent HD 10x zoom video lens produces astonishing high definition within a compact body. The full HD CMOS sensor gives true HD quality without any pixel interpolation for superior colour reproduction, has low power consumption, is sensitive to low light & provides brilliant colour balance for the ultimate in image quality. It moreover means your movies will look tremendous on your HD TV. The full 8MP HD CMOS sensor gives true HD quality for superior reproduction Click here for a larger image Advanced shooting features The LEGRIA HF S21 includes a wide range of advanced functions that assist in attaining accurate focusing & controlling exposure for perfect results. Switching to Manual Control gives you fast, direct access to professional level manual controls. Using an ergonomic customisable Control Dial & Custom Key you can assign shortcuts for the manual functions you use most frequently, including exposure lock, focus, assist functions, microphone level & auto gain control (AGC). AGC limit allows you to set the sensitivity of dark scenes to achieve a natural darkness with no noise. The lower the sensitivity value the lower the noise & the better the quality of the dark scene. More light can be added by raising the sensitivity value, although more noise will be apparent. Available assist functions include Colour Peaking, which adds colour to the edges of objects being focused on during manual focusing, while Zebra Assist allows you to easily spot over–exposure. Use scene modes to obtain the best shots for sunset, low-light & night time shooting. Click here for a larger image Great movies in any lighting conditions To ensure top quality true-to-life video under any lighting conditions the camcorder incorporates scene modes for Sunset, Low-light & Night. Night mode will faithfully reproduce the finely detailed levels of darkness; while Low light mode increases sensor sensitivity to improve the amount of detail captured. Smooth, professional looking movies The Optical Image Stabiliser compensates for almost every kind of movement so you can obtain smooth professional-looking movies without blurring, even if you’re new to shooting video. You can easily switch from Standard Mode to Dynamic Range when you want to stabilise heavy hand shake on the move, for example when shooting from a moving car or when walking or climbing up & down stairs, ensuring clearly visible, shake free movies. More creative options with 10 x optical zoom lens The versatility of the zoom lens means you can really explore your creative options & obtain up close & personal, even with far away subjects, for example at sporting events or concerts. Every Canon camcorder lens is constructed to the most exacting standards & backed by 50 years experience in crafting lenses for broadcast. Up to 13 individual lenses can be included in a single Canon camcorder lens, each featuring aspheric lens elements to remove any image distortion for the greatest quality movies. 25p Cinema Mode gives you more detail in light & shadow areas – like feature films.. Click here for a larger image Make your own feature films The LEGRIA HF S21 camcorder provides a one off feature called 25p Cinema Mode. This combines a frame rate, similar to historic film, with special CINE colour settings to donate you more detail in light & shadowy areas – just like the feature films you see at the cinema. You can moreover separately select either 25p shooting or CINE colouring to further increase your creative options. High speed, precision focusing Unique to Canon HD camcorders, Instant AF (auto focus) uses 2 auto focus sensors to assist you find the perfect focus with speed & accuracy. This is tremendous for HD movies where errors in focusing can be more noticeable. The first sensor quickly estimates the distance to the subject, while the second makes fine adjustments for absolute precision. It’s effective even when shooting at night or with slow shutter speeds, plus it works so quickly – refocusing takes place in approximately 0.5seconds – you may not even notice it’s there. Huge dual flash memory The LEGRIA HF S21 incorporates a huge built-in flash memory of 64GB so you can record & save over 24 hours of HD movies. There is moreover an SDHC memory card slot so you can combine internal & external memory. For instance using an additional 64GB SD card will increase available memory to a massive 128GB – that’s over 48 hours of recording time. A world of Advantages with Canon Technology Highest quality video at 24Mbps All of Canon’s HD camcorders record movies at a data rate of 24Mbps – the greatest rate possible – to ensure that sharp detail, smooth motion & attractive colours can all be recorded precisely. Great for capturing fast–paced action. Face Detection technology locates faces & automatically optimises shooting settings. Click here for a larger image Processing power with Face Detection The DIGIC DV III processor lies at the heart of Canon’s superior imaging quality. Developed to handle the increased data rate & requirements of HD, the processor employs a one off noise reduction system for clear sharp images with superior colour reproduction & tonal range. It can moreover capture tremendous detail in highlight & shadow areas, ensures bright & accurate flash shooting & basically lets you leave difficult shooting conditions up to the camera for error-free footage every time. The DIGI DV III processor moreover powers Canon’s Face Detection technology, which can simultaneously detect the faces of up to 35 individuals in a single frame, automatically optimizing shooting settings for each. Up to 9 faces are highlighted automatically so you can select the star of your movie & be sure they will remain perfectly focused at all times. Even when faces are framed against very dark or very light backgrounds they remain correctly exposed & focused. Face Detection can moreover be used in playback to find a recorded scene featuring a specific person. Face Jump & Face Timeline allow you to see captured faces as thumbnails on the LCD screen. Split path processing moreover allows the option of high quality photo capture, separate to video, optimising them for contrast, detail & viewing as printed photos. You don’t need to stop recording to capture stills as you can set all key controls to automatic Dual Shot mode, which allows you to capture tremendous action sequences & up to 8MP still shots at the same time. With Photo Burst you can moreover capture stills from a sequence of recorded video. With a press of the Photo button 25 individual shots are created from a single second of video – a pleasant way to capture the best scenes as photographs. A fresh, new approach to camcording Derived from the Portuguese word meaning ‘joy’, LEGRIA camcorders offer supreme ease of use, pleasant features & outstanding quality. Based on over 70 years of Canon’s imaging know-how they let you capture the world as you see it, giving you stunning details in the palm of your hand. Canon’s no-compromise approach to quality, elegance & simplicity is evident in all aspects of the design so you can create exciting, original videos that you are truly proud of. Features Canon’s most advanced flash memory camcorder, the LEGRIA HF S21 puts pro-level HD shooting in your hands. Stunning Full HD imaging combines with the storage capacity of 64GB Dual Flash Memory. Features 8MP Canon HD Camera System 8.8cm (3.5”) touch-screen LCD & EVF 64GB Dual Flash Memory Relay Recording & HD-SD conversion Manual control dial, remote jack Superior audio Dynamic OIS & Powered IS Pre REC, Instant AF x.v.Color, 25p Cinema Mode Expandable system Match your ambition. Exceed your expectations. 8MP Canon HD Camera System Get stunning images & superb low-light performance via the Canon HD Camera System: the LEGRIA HF S21 combines an 8.0MP Full HD CMOS sensor, a Canon HD Video Lens, & the DIGIC DV III processor. 8.8cm (3.5”) touch-screen LCD & EVF A high-resolution 8.8cm (3.5”) touch-screen LCD offers a 100% view for shooting HD movies. A unique, gesture-based LCD interface gives you fingertip access to functions such as Touch Tracking, Touch Focus & Touch Exposure modes. The LEGRIA HF S21 moreover features a colour EVF for framing the scene. 64GB Dual Flash Memory 64GB Dual Flash Memory combines large built-in capacity – enough for over 24 hours of HD movies – with dual SDHC slots for recording to memory cards. Relay Recording automatically detects when 1 storage medium is full, & switches to the other. Easy movie sharing For easier sharing of your movies, the LEGRIA HF S21 lets you convert AVCHD (MPEG4) files to smaller, standard definition MPEG2 files, ready for burning to DVD or uploading to the web. Professional control A Custom Key lets you activate 1 of 5 variables that can be assigned to the manual Control Dial, including focus, exposure, & audio level. A remote control jack enables the use of optional external remote controls. Audio excellence Capture & monitor superior audio with a microphone input & headphone jack. A configurable Mic Attenuator compensates for sudden volume changes, ensuring that audio is always recorded at the optimum level. Steadier shots An Optical Image Stabilizer with a new Dynamic mode lets you record steadier footage, even when you’re moving. Powered IS keeps footage super-steady when shooting at the telephoto end of the zoom range. Don’t miss a thing In Pre REC mode, the camcorder starts recording 3 seconds before the Record button is pressed. These seconds are added to the beginning of each clip, so you can still capture that crucial moment even if you press the Record button too late. Instant AF achieves highly accurate focus at speed. Extended colour DIGIC DV III supports x.v.Color – for deeper, richer hues during playback on compatible HDTVs. 25p Cinema Mode matches the look of historic film, & provides enhanced low-light shooting performance. Creative extras With a mini Advanced Accessory Shoe, optional accessories – such as a video light – can be used. 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